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He's an equal-opportunity flirt after all.

We all know Deadpool is pansexual- it's canon. But most of his relationships have been with people who identified as women (I guess Death is kind of genderless?). And it sounds like that's going to be true of the movie as well since he's in a relationship with a character played by Morena Baccarin. But if the movie does well and there are sequels... well, who knows?

Ryan Reynolds said it would be 'nice' for Deadpool to have a boyfriend.

“I certainly wouldn’t be the guy standing in the way of that,” Reynolds said. “That would be great.” (via). Variety attributes an unwillingness on Hollywood's part to portray openly LGBT+ characters in film because box office success relies so heavily on China (which is less than LGBT+ friendly). However, that's not on the table for Deadpool, where the movie has been preemptively banned. If the movie does well despite that lack of revenue it stands to reason the sequel could be relied on to do the same. It probably wouldn't happen without fan support... but that's who we are, right? How would you feel about Deadpool having a male love interest?
I would not care if he did. Part of him as a character is him testing the waters everywhere and at anytime. If they do get the sequel ( which Ryan is down for) that would be awesome to see. But you know on the flip side people are going to protest against it.. People always have something to complain about.
Whatever floats the mercs boat. Hopefully there isn't, no-no scenes with him and his man. 😂😂😂
that's true. but I'm really hoping that actors and actresses start to realise that they should be more accepting and understanding of the lgbtq community.
@ChosenKnight same here! I think that's at least promising. And I appreciate how adamant and open he is about it too. I know a lot of actors are still really afraid about what being just LGBT friendly can do to their careers, and I'm sure many still worry that actually playing an LGBT character is a risk
@shannonl5 yeah! an original character would b cool. I'm really glad Ryan's open to the idea
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