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If you've ever been in the midst of a natural disaster (that didn't actually bring harm to you), then you are going to lose your mind over Alyssa Edwards' tale of surviving a California earthquake.
This is one of my all time favorites to watch. When you just need a quick instant-smile on your face, this is one of the things I turn to.
What makes her so funny is that she's really not trying to be funny. She's not putting on an "act." This is really her!
That tongue pop is legendary!
Did you catch the part where she almost falls over sitting in that chair? she catches herself and I died! @butterflyblu @Easternshell @TessStevens
Lmao I know EXACTLY how she feels... The earth will swallow me someday! I'm USED to a tornado and hurricanes, but not the whole world shaking, Marshall! Yaiiii!
Hahaha that's so great @EasternShell pop away!!!
@marshalledgar she's got me tongue poppin' now lol looove herrrr
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