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@Fromtheheart Truly inspiring words!!!. I so wish people that are miserable themselves and hurting would think before resorting to hurting others cuz they hurt! @carolineharrell I know this doesn't make the bullying feel any better but I guarantee you those weak minded people that chose to be mean and hurtful to you are not any better in their life. I've found its usually one of 2 reasons they hurt cuz they are hurting or it plain jealousy of you. I'm so sorry to read your words that are so obviously full of pain. I am sorry your boyfriend and friend chose that route to deal with the situation. I really do agree that they seem to care and maybe they just don't know what to do so they are hoping by stepping back from you it will be enuf to get you to stop hurting yourself. They probably don't realize the rejection their action have caused is far more damaging and hurtful and painful for you. You need people who will love you thru it. Can you get back on the medicine that helped you? Do you have an open relationship with your mom where your comfortable talking to her about your pain inside and what your going thru at school? It's so vitally important you have at least one person you trust but I know that's not easy as I do not trust easily at all! To me trusting is risk! I just want you to know ever since the last time I reached out and commented I've been praying for you! If you need anything plz don't hesitate to reach out! You are valued, precious, and worthy!!!! Take Care!
 @carolineharrell I understand your pain. I know how it feels. I had one of my closest friends give up on me when I needed her the most. It hurt. Looking back and thinking about that experience still hurts me. From what you've said about your friends it sounds like they really care about you. Even though right now it doesn't seem like it. They want you to stop hurting yourself because it must pain them to see you hurting. Although I don't think that their actions to try to get you to stop are the best choice. Cutting is a relieving feeling. It takes away the pain but at the same time it's still hurting you. Life is such a precious thing. Please don't give up. I am so sorry you're bullied. I really am. The world can be such a cruel place. But at the same time it can be just as beautiful. You are beautiful. Even though I don't know you in my heart I know you're a good person.  Life is really fighting against you right now. But that doesn't mean that it is  over. What do you want your future to look like? Do you still see one for yourself? I do, becuase everyday you have another chance at life and so does everyone else. Comments and actions from other people really truly hurt. They're like wounds to the heart that feel as though they can never be healed. But they can, if you let them. For three years I let myself be controlled by the pain and harsh things people said to me. I didn't have a dream nor really any faith. For days straight I was ignored and treated like I didn't exist by people who called themselves my friends. I felt alone and hid my feelings away from other people. I was called extremely rude things and I've never forgotten each experience because it hurt so much. One of my close friends told me she was done. That she couldn't deal with my depression anymore. After that I just felt dead inside. But I knew deep down that someone loved me and that I'm a good person. Finally it was like a miracle happened. Like God sent me four angels who came and saved me. I made four new friends. One was someone who I hung out with sometimes but never really knew. She's like my sister now and I love her with all of my heart. My point is you never know what the future has in store for you. Good things will happen to you. You are cared for, you are loved. Your life MATTERS. YOU MATTER! Just please remember that. When someone bullies you remember that you matter and know deep down inside that you are beautiful. Everyone has flaws. But that doesn't mean that your flaws define who you are.
I quit taking my anti depressants because my mom and doctors said it was better and it was till i switched classes and bullying started again i mean 5 months almost 6 clean.... i started cutting again so my boyfriend and best friend gave up on trying and aren't talking to me till i stop and when i try to stop the bullying gets worse. so i decided to give up on living cause whats the point if the people who you love give up on you.
Are you okay?