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Welcome to another edition of waifu Wednesday! Thanks to @hikaymm for tagging me. Today we have another badass strong woman for you to enjoy!
Miria from claymore is such an awesome character and her growth over the series is astounding. In the beginning, she is a strong, fierce claymore, being number 6. She is a natural leader and she has amazing skills when it comes to fighting the yoma.
Her personality is shown to us gradually and we come to see that she cares fiercely for her comrades and she is a caring and compassionate woman when it comes to those she calls friends. She is very protective of them and would risk her life for them if it came down to it. As the true twisted nature of the organization is revealed, miria becomes more and more intent on taking them down. Her fierce determination and loyalty are some amazing qualities to have.
As for exactly why she is the way she is becomes evident through her past. Her and another claymore, Hilda, were very close. When Hilda awakens and Miria is forced to cut her down, she is left with survivor's guilt. Having lost such a close friend is why she is determined to protect Helen, Deneve, Clare, Tabitha and Cynthia at all costs so she does not experience any more loss.
Another thing is her awesome fighting technique. She moves so fast in battle it's as if she's a phantom, earning her the nickname 'phantom' Miria. Plus, she's very easy on the eyes.
this anime is Awsome I just started watching it and I like it a lot
I am just seeing thi snow (sorry!! been busy haha) but yes! Great choice :)
awesome! I love Clare the best from claymore but Miria is a badass too.
@TylerCinamella Yeah it's awesome
@hikaymm that's cool lol thanks though :3
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