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Valentine's day isn't for everyone. That's for damn sure. So, when you have the choice to give an awkward valentine and no valentine at might as well choose the former.
For those of us who feel like indifference is worse than hate.
This Valentine is for people who prefer to just avoid the affair all together.
Who could forget the dulcet and romantic tones of Antoine Dodson? Uh. Not you Valentine.
I had a friend who liked to cry all the time. And one night he got emotional, and my other friend said, bluntly, "I don't want you crying, in my house." So he left. This one's for you, Josh. Wherever you are.
For everyone who loves themselves more than others. #byee
Shout out to all my people who are settling for less!
...and the people who are settling for less but don't want to recognize that.
For all your ugly friends.
And for those of us who just can't feel anything anymore.
Finally, this valentine is for all of the people who like to engage in...less than kosher activities. What? Breaking Bad is inappropriate!

What is your favorite valentine? Share this with some of your buddies who don't have the people skills to do it themselves. Come on, you know who you are!

Ahahaha damn, @nicolejb "that everyone died..." thanks for showing me these!
dude that's pretty funny
HAHAHAHA I DIED. thought I'm kinda the type of person that has all the feelings. I do appreciate sarcasm @LuigiValencia @TomasOlivares @AngryItalian01 @MannyPadron --- for some reason I thought maybe you guys would like this?
Hahaha I knew you guys would like it @TomasOlivares @LuigiValencia