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Introducing WOOKIEE My Newly Adopted Lionhead Bunny ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ‘ฏโค

Thru a series of meant to be incidents, the very heartbreaking decision to have to put my 10 year old dutch/Lionhead mix to sleep last week and my birthday feb 7th I have adopted a new bunny. She was recued from a hoarder situation. She's a full bred Lionhead who is only a year old. Thankfully the county humane society was able to stop the hoarder fairly soon. This lil girl just wasn't paid attention to so she's a bit skittish. A lil time, patience, and lots of love shell be fine!!! Had to share the good news & I promised @marshalledgar I'd share her pic!!!!
@marshalledgar thanks so much!!! She is quite big but I think its all fur!!! She's beautiful and I'm really excited to show her what a good loving bunny home is!
Beautiful! Wookie is a big girl! She's darling @2Distracted! Thanks for sharing this with me and Vingle. It's always good to keep tabs on what everyone is up to. Also, Happy Birthday! :) Wishing you awesome bonding with Wookie and a peaceful heart for your dearly departed.
@marshalledgar Actually rabbits are better with another rabbit they've bonded with but can be picky depending on their personality. You can't ever put 2 un fixed females together cuz sometimes they will fight and possibly kill. The best pairing I've had success with is boy and girl preferrably both fixed. My intention is to put this lil girl with my my Holland lop Beau who I got at 3 months and is now 2 yrs old and was verybonded to rasca. He's very lost without her. Holland Lops I think were bred for beauty and not so much brains. So Beau literally did everything Rasca did. He took her lead on soo much and cuz I got him as a baby that's all he's known. That's been hard to watch him seem so lonely and lost. Bonded rabbits have been known to actually die once their mate died. So my hope is they will like each other eventually. I introduce them slowly a lil at a time and see how it goes. but they both have very sweet docile temperments so I'm hopeful. I actually have another bunny as well a 2 lb Netherlands dwarf Zoey that's 5 and she's our dog. we don't even cage her cuz she's so well litter box trained. My bunny that passed did not like zoey cuz she was a bit possessive of her baby Beau so they were separated. So wish my luck that Wookiee & Beau will hit it off!!!
Does she get lonely? Does she need a playmate? Do lionheads prefer to be the only rabbit?
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