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I have had quite a few boyfriends in my short life. What I've realized is that everyone loves differently. Some people are vocal about their love, some physically express it.

There are a number of ways to express love (or intimacy):

+Through touch
+Through gesture
+Through verbal communication
I wonder if the way we express ourselves in relationships have at all to do with culture, family, or even both.

From what I've observed in the Latino culture in general (from friends and family) we seem to express our love in a more physical away.

In my personal experience I found that certain cultures are far more open to expressing love than other cultures. Me personally? I am a VERY expressive person -- through words, touch, action, gesture.

What's your experience in this? What do you think?

this made me laugh. yes. yes. 馃槑
@alywoah @shannonl5 yes very true Im the more cuddler but when your in a relationship where that was not always given Ive grown to stop. but once I healed I show my love through action and desire the same back.
@nicolejb I refuse to believe you are cold and impersonal:) I have been told that I'm reserved by female friends. For me, it's learned behavior. I'm not big on PDA. Some people need to get a room. I'm not big on hugs unless I need one because I've been stabbed in the back a few times. Otherwise, I smile, laugh and thoroughly enjoy the company of others.
Wow, yes!! haha I found that physical touch is very different in places. My home culture was less touchy-feely, but I know a lot of friends who have a different cultural background and are very touchy. Even in friendships they hold hands and hug a lot. Whereas I always thought that was weird. haha or maybe I'm just cold and impersonal
That's true. I've learned over the years that everyone expresses love very differently. With that being said, I think it's important to find someone who speaks love in the same way you do (or care for). In one of my relationships, I struggled with my ex being "cold." He just expressed love differently, but it just bothered me. @shannonl5
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