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to anyone who was looking forward to kpop lockscreens #6
dear @staceyholley @ninjamidori @raenel @Maddie27 @PatriciaS @BluBear07 @Michellebarra @SugaKookies @MsLoyalHeart @agirlwholovesV @DayzC @marisamusic @xojuliettexox @CrookedShadow @SerenityThao I'm really sorry the lockscreens haven't come out yet. Recently, I've been sick but it didn't start out too bad so I've been doing them. I love making them and it's a lot of fun. However my cold has made it to the point where it's a little hard for me to breathe. Because of my asthma and my cold getting much worse, it will be hard making the next lockscreens as a result.
I'm sorry again because I know many were looking forward to it.
It's ok don't push yourself too much. Your health is more important.
Your health is soooooooo much important than lockscreens. I appreciate that you take the time to make them but Please take care of yourself 1st and get better! Xoxo
It's totally fine!! Please just worry about getting better because your health is so much more important!! Just keep fighting! We love you! 馃挏
It's cool. Take ur time and rest. Hope you feel better! 馃槃
Don't apologize, your health is number one!!
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