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This is so damn true! My gamer tag on systems always have to be chopped up or I have too many letters! Btw, those companies above have no excuse If you want to be tagged In my Wait What Cards please leave it in the comments below

Also I will be having a Wait What Valentine's days fails starting is weekend

Also if you have any funny Wait What's put it out so we can make a awesome collection!

This is in works with the funny community mod @danidee
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@InVinsybll @shannonl5 and here I just thought it was because you're so much cooler than me...
@ButterflyBlu I don't think anyone is cooler than you <3
I can happily say every user name I made was available 😆
You can tag me in these cards. And gotta give credit to "odidoss" for trying haha
YESSSSSSS YOU REMEMBERED. I'm so sorry I've been dropping the ball, @LAVONYORK. I actually got pneumonia this week. -.- BUT THIS WEEKEND, WE SHALL WAIT WHAT V-DAY FOR REAL.