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Funny or Die recently released the trailer for something utterly ridiculous, terrifying and all too real.
"Art of the Deal" is a real book, written by real presidential candidate, Donald J Trump. A business man turned reality TV mogul, turned bigot, turned serious contender for the presidency, Donald Trump has rocked this country since the beginning of the 2016 election cycle.
Fresh off a win in the New Hampshire primary, America's favorite, and least favorite businessman is being immortalized by Johnny Depp. Probably the last person you'd think to look anything like Donald Trump, until you see this trailer.
Depp is unrecognizable in prosthetic makeup and a body transforming "buff" suit. But the serious transformation comes with his body language and behavior. There is nothing attractive or intriguing about this character. It's a second rate version of Jordan Belfort from Wolf of Wall Street, parading around like some kind of wax figure.
It's horrifying, and you know what's the worst part?
This man is running for president.
Let me reiterate that:
--This man just won the New Hampshire primary.
--This man is polled most favorably in the Republican party as of today.
--This man has been leading in the polls for the Republicans
Who is responsible for this joke?
Well, we are.
Everyone on here knows, that I don't put a lot of stock in Trump, but I've never ignored him. My personal prediction is that Kasich takes the nomination late in the race...but we can get more into that later.
This 50 minute parody is currently up on Funny or Die's site.

What do you all think? Do you think Trump can last the long haul?

@TessStevens I prey he can't, honestly, anyone else can get the nomination, except him...
Yeah incredibly enough @ButterflyBlu two more candidates dropped out of the race today. Fiorina and Christie
@ButterflyBlu I hate making you sign 馃槙
@TessStevens I have never been this upset during an election year. I can't even watch the parody. Trumps voice grates my nerves. I know it's Johnny. I just can't.
I might actually agree with you about Kasich. Maybe *cough* Carson. *scrapes taste off tongue* I have/have had this theory for a while that as everyone starts having horrible showings, they'll drop out, the herd will thin, and the American Republicans will be able to focus on something other than the media circus that is Donald Trump. (I would link you the nice card that @InPlainSight did on this similar theory, but he apparently deleted it. 馃檮 sigh.) We shall see.
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