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If you're still thinking about what to get your swolemate for Valentine's Day, I got you. If your partner lives, breathes, and prays to the iron, there's a few things you can get them.
Remember, put more thought into the gift (a lot of the time it's not about how much money you put in, but how much effort you put into figuring out what your partner likes).

Water Bottle

Graphic Gym Tee

Pull Up Bar

Dumbbell Set

Their Favorite Protein Powder

Foam Roller

Protein-Packed Romantic Dinner

Dumbbell Necklace

Squat Shoes

Weightlifting Belt

Customized Chuck Taylors

Kick-Ass Kettlebell

@alywoah ya there are but also the kettle bell its hella sick if I was given one I would be very happy
Those are all really good gift ideas u would be ok with any of those the shoes are hella cool though
protein-packed dinner sounds yummy
SHOES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THERE ARE A DOZEN PAIR THAT I WANT AND NEED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that dumb bell necklace was cool though. haha
I'll be waiting for my valentine :D @alywoah
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