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Whew! 27 chapters people! This is the longest fic I have ever written all on my own. I'm kind of proud! As always, I'm so glad you are all enjoying it, and I love you all for sticking with me! Again, I'll put up the warning. This will cause the feels.
Krystal sighed as she relaxed into Charles, giving him a light kiss. She had missed him, even if it had only been about a day since they parted. She absentmindedly played with his hair as she made a cup of tea appear for herself, sipping softly. "You know, my life hasn't always been that easy either. I've pretty much been alone since I was young." she started, letting out a silent breath as if to prepare. She held alot of scars that even Charles would have no clue about. Charles gave Krystal a sensual kiss, stroking her cheek softly. He rested his forehead on hers. "Then tell me all about it, love"
Krystal let out a soft sigh, preparing herself to tell him the whole story. "It all started when I was 5 and I met Prince Onyx of the planet nemesis. He was the middle of 3 brothers, but as the one with the soundest mind, he was chosen as his father's successor. We were set to be married on my 20th birthday, and from the moment l saw him, I was hopelessly in love. He was the only person in the world that wasn't ever afraid of me, and he was the kindest person I'd ever known. As we got older, we became the closest of friends, and despite our already arranged marriage, on my 19th fae bithday, he proposed, and we made love." Her words were soft as she explained, but Charles would be able to feel her utter pain. Just her tone showed just how much she'd really loved him. Charles stroked her hair, kissing her head chastely. "Its alright my love. Please, go on." He replied softly, clearly interested. He wanted to know more about this man, and about her.dhe never shared details on hersrlf, so he was curious about what might have happened.
Krystal took in another breath before she continued. "About a month later, I found out I was pregnant. We were hoping for a boy, and I was going to name him after my father Alexander who had died in war when I was young. Things were going really well for the next 7 months until a war broke out on Nemesis. His elder brother, Diamond, had been persuaded by an evil entity that he was the rightful king and was trying to overtake the castle with an army loyal only to him. I knew he had to leave, but I didn't like it. I knew if I let him go, he would die." She explained, silent tears falling as her voice became more and more melancholy. She was really having a hard time. Krystal leaned into Charles, looking weary as she continued. "Onyx tried to reason with his bother, But Diamond was so blinded by evil and hate that he killed him. His own brother! The moment it happend, I felt the shockwave. It was so strong that it caused me to go into labor. For hours I cried out for him, knowing he could not come. The sadness didn't end there though. When finally the labor was over, I was horror stricken. Yes, we'd had a son like we hoped, but he was still born. The only piece I had left of the love of my life was ripped away from me. It was like a slap in the face " she choked, fresh tears starting. Charles just held her, kissing her all over in an attempt to make her feel better. "I'm so sorrg my love. I had no idea." he replied softly, his eyes showing his worry and remorse for her. He was beginning to understand why she wanted a family so badly, and he didn't blame her. He couldn't imagine feeling that much pain.
Krystal let out another soft sigh. She wasn't even half way through her story. "Onyx promised me he'd return, but when diamond killed him, the promise was broken. It wasn't done though. Since it had been forged with such pure love, a strong magic was created. He would be reborn, but I would have to wait 500 years for him." She blushed at the admittance that she was do much older than he. One of her insecurities was her age, even if she knew Charles didn't care. Krystal took another breath. "When my heart could take life in my fae court no longer, I ventured out into the world of mortals. I was passing by someone getting beat up, so I saved them, andbthat's when I met him again. My onyx, now in the uniform of an american soldier instead of the armor of a prince. James Buchanan Barnes was his name, and we fell hopelessly in love all over again. Then, the war began again and this time my love would surely die. Mortals are not even a tenth as sturdy as nemesisians. The night before he shipped out, he proposed, and we made love like we had all those years ago in my realm. Then, just like that, right after I'd found out I was pregnant with JJ, He was gone from me again. This time a fall took his life, and once again I was left alone. I was lucky that JJ survived, or I might not even know you now Charles. I might still be mourning him." Charles had to struggle to hear what Krystal was saying she crying was so loud. He made it out though, pulling her close. "Don't worry my love. You have me for as long as I live." He promised softly, stroking her hair. Now he'd made up his mind. Worried or not, for the sake of his lover, he would become a father. They would be a family, and he would give her what he knew she despartely needed.
@arnelli sorry! but Charles needed to know the real reasons for krystal being the way she is.
hmm what, @arnelli?
I know, but it needed said. A good marriage is based on trust, and Krystal telling him that shows she trusts him a lot. Bucky was only privy to it because he lived it, and JJ knew because she wanted him to know his father. Charles is the only other person on earth who's heard her story.
@Krystalstar22 THE FEEEELS
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