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Be it a tasting menu, tapas-style, or full-blown dinner course, you've got to say yes to this wedding food idea: Vegetable Ash Ravioli.
"Divine" doesn't begin to categorize this epic pasta dish!
Ravioli isn't the type of dish that is served in a mound. If you're "hangry," then this isn't going to be your go-to. Ravioli, is meant to be eaten slowly, savored, enjoyed. It's not a meal that you gobble.
Serving a plate of three raviolis or perhaps five (MAX) would make the perfect dinner course for your guests. By limiting the quantity on the plate, you force your guests to actually enjoy the culinary masterpiece set before them.
In the past I have been very vocal for my distaste for pasta at weddings. But this changes everything and I think you'd agree!
I have never heard of vegitable ash until now. I just googled it, and, well, it's exactly what it sounds like. I don't know how I feel about it, but would definitely try it. It's apparently simple to make. When speaking about food for a wedding, I don't think I would serve this. I would go with something simple, and that my guests are familiar with. I won't be having the tradtional, fancy wedding, though.
Ash was something new to me as well @TurtleyTurtles So tell me, what kind of wedding are you interested in having since it won't be traditional? Are you in the Weddings Community? You should join if you haven't already done so. :)
@marshalledgar I just joined. I am interested in a more laid back, more casual wedding. I want my bride's maids and guests to wear what's comfortable for them. I'll probably talk my boyfriend into doing black, white, and royal purple. I want my cake to taste good, over being huge and fancy looking. I don't like fondant, so something with just frosting on it, and some kind of fruit filling. Or maybe cheesecake! Lol! I've been to a couple of weddings, and really enjoyed the casual ones. The traditional ones seem really uncomfortable. I just want everyone to be comfortable, and enjoy themselves. Just because I want to wear a pretty dress, with slightly uncomfortable shoes, doesn't mean every woman that's coming should have to. Same with the guys, but with suits.