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Let's be honest: The Giants were a disaster this year.
While the offense was solid despite limitations in the running game, the defense and special teams were horrible.
The Giants enter this off-season with a nice first round draft pick and a decent amount of cap room. One of their biggest decisions early in free agency is to decide what to do with Jason Pierre-Paul.
Late last summer, JPP got into a freak accident as he nearly blew his hand off while setting off firecrackers.
The result was serious damage to his hand, which required extensive surgery and rehab time. The Giants used the franchise tag on him last year, but he is not tagged to the salary this year.
The Giants are in a tough spot as JPP was one of the best defensive lineman in the NFL before this injury. They also are lacking in talent on the defensive side of the ball, so letting him go and watching him prove he can play football at a high level somewhere else could hurt them greatly.

Should The Giants Re-Sign Jason Pierre Paul?

Yeah I would give him another year
on a incentive heavy deal where he plays over 14 games and gets over 12 sacks then yes!