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Unlike other mainstream sports, the skills challenge events and all-star game mean A LOT to the players and fans of the NBA.
A couple weeks ago, the NBA announced it's selection of players for the 3-point shootout in this years skills challenge. To the surprise of many, three point specialist J.R. Smith was left off the list.
While Smith has kept quiet in regards to his thoughts on the matter until this point, he decided to speak up yesterday on the issue.
J.R. is shooting just under forty percent from beyond the arc through 46 games this season.
“Other than stats and analytics and everything they use on everything else, I hope they just use better judgment,” Smith said Friday morning when asked what criteria should be weighed when making selections. […] Smith ranks 18th all-time in 3-pointers made with 1,584 as of Friday and is ninth among active players. Of the eight active players ahead of him on the all-time list, only two of them (Jamal Crawford and Vince Carter) have never been invited to the contest, like Smith, a 12-year veteran.
Smith’s 39.6 percent from 3 this season also ranks ahead of Bosh (36.6) and Harden (34.6), and his 109 made 3s are more than Bosh (78), Booker (53) and Middleton (100) each have. […] “There can’t be too many guys in the field that has more career 3s or more games with eight or more made in a game that’s actively still playing now,” said LeBron James, who publicly stumped for Smith’s inclusion last month. “It is what it is. There’s nothing we can do about it.”
I can't believe they chose Chris Bosh over Smith. Personally I love the idea of having a big man in the contest, but to choose him over J.R. is outrageous to me.

Does J.R. Smith have a point? Did the NBA choose the wrong people in this year's 3-point shootout?

Yeah I was surprised they didn't choose Smith. I thought he really deserved a spot on the list...
That makes no sense. He deserves Bosh's spot.