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Ok! Ready for day 2?!

I'm not...

Would you rather touch Jimin's abs or re-dye V's hair?

omg....excuse me while I go find new ovaries. why did I decide to do this to myself?
ohhh how I'd love to touch those chocolate abs haha hes so cute when he's shy but then he gets on stage and BAM just gave all the fangirls nosebleeds.
But to be up close to V's gorgeous locks.... Ugh...don't look at me like that.

My ultimate decision....

As much as I'd enjoy to run my hands down Jiminies abs....I'm going to choose to play with V's hair. I can't help it, but I feel like I would be able to enjoy that for a longer period of time ;)
Sorry for the late update! (my phone is being a pos) if you know what I mean. If you want me to tag you in any future cards, just let me know! (haha see what I did there? ahh I'm horrible)
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I would rather have namjin as parents and have a dance off with namjoon... I would want jin to find my blog cause he's my bts bias....i wouldn't want to break j-hopes heart ever... I would fight suga cause jungkook would probably annialate me ...thats all I'm answer cause they're so many questions