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Hello everyone!! I haven't posted on Markson for few days haha..anyway.. So since Valentine's Day is around the corner I will be reposting those Markson's Card with a romantic messege that a made a while back.. I will also be posting new ones. Well the messege doesn't specifically have to be related to Markson's Ship.. But ..but you know it probably would.. I just like to use their picture..haha.. so I hope you all enjoy it..

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you've abandoned my markson feels 馃槱
2 years agoReply
@PrettieeEmm haha don't say that I have been taking g care of my other kids like BTS and BIGBANG. .lol
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@PrettieeEmm don't worry I will spam you with Markson on Valentine's Day..
2 years agoReply
yay thank you.. looking forward to it 馃槏 @luna1171
2 years agoReply
Markson your killing me....
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