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I couldn't just pick one, I tryed really but I couldn't. So I think Shiro and Chopper are just the CUTTEST. I know that if I gave them chocolate they would have the most adorable reactions xD
Chopper: "Jerk you think it makes me happy that you gave me chocolate?" Lol its so obvious that it does xD Anime: One Piece
Shiro: CHOCOLATE! <3 She's so cute, when she's happy I'm happy xD Anime: No Game No Life
I love Chopper, he's like a little kid and he has so many fun reactions, he's just so adorable. The Straw wouldn't be the same without him. . . . or any other member for that matter xD
Shiro is such a sweet little girl that loves her big bro so much. . . maybe to much xD She is definitely the mind in the SoraShiro duo.
Chopper would love chocolate because he likes sweet things.
If that Sora doll was chocolate Shiro would inhale it.
Choppers just so Kawii! <3
Shiro is so Kawii! <3 I love them so much and if you haven't seen these animes they're totally worth it. Yes One Piece is long still, an amazing anime. Yes Sora flirts with Shiro and yes Shiro is in love with him but her feelings aren't returned in that way and it a joke through out the entire anime.
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