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Never Have I Ever... Marvel Style

The Marvel version of the pride stride.

You might remember this game from your teenage years (or your drunken college years... or adulthood) and the rules are pretty simple: You hold up ten fingers, and one person says 'never have I ever done...' and if you have, you drop one finger. It's so much more fun than it sounds, I promise.

Let's do it!!!

I'll start us off: Never have I ever watched the Marvel movies in order.

Let's see those fingers everyone.
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(I still have 10 fingers, muehehe) Never have I ever smiled uncontrollably when a cool action scene happens.
2 years ago·Reply
I'm down one finger @kuzuri96. Never have I ever wanted to lead a team of Superheros.
2 years ago·Reply
Im down one lol how about Never have i ever shipped people from xmen with the avengers
2 years ago·Reply
@najalong1998 lol now I'm down one XD Never have I ever owned a Marvel (or Marvel related) poster for my wall T_T
2 years ago·Reply