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BTS ~ Would You Rather...

Day 3!


#3) Would you rather fight Jungkook or Suga?

haha oh this one...
Well Kookie seemes pretty fit (could probably kick my ass) But on the other hand, seems pretty nervous around girls...
Suga, I will be honest, scares me. 1) Because he looks like he could kill me without even lifting a finger. 2) He dripps "sex appeal" from every pore on his body. But on the other hand, he always seems sleepy. (too tired to fight?) let's hope so.

So my decision?

I think I'm gonna go with fighting Kookie. Reason? Because I feel like he would be easier to distract from the initial dispute.
Ahh ok so I feel like these are not going to get any easier. BUT I SHALL GET THROUGH THEM! If you want to be tagged in any future cards just give me a heads up!