I'm 20, 95z First off, I've been sleep all day & I feel good. Ok, enough about something yall don't care about. I know a lot of us (especially us broke asf international fans) don't have a chance to date are idols, because we're in another country, but that doesn't mean we should give on the idea that we'll might still meet them someday. That's why I hate when I get into a group or artist, weather they're American or Kpop, and my mom says stuff like "Why are you even into a group or why are you into that artist when they don't know or care about you" It's gets me so mad when my mom, and the rest of my family talk shit about the music I listen to. It's like why do you even care, the music I listen to is not going to effect you in anyway. I support them because one, that's how they stay relevant , and get paid. Two, They are really amazing, and I enjoy their music. Three, no matter if I'm listening to....MileyC or BTS or JustinB or Got7 or B5 or Zico or 5sos or MonX or HoneyC or BigB or Bahja Rodriguez or 4M or 21 poilt & so on, their music makes me feel good about myself. Especially when I just got yelled at for answering a question or for not going outside or not being a girly girl. Since I only dress girly on Bdays, holidays, & the fact that I'm a Africa American, I know I have no chance with ChimChim. But that's not going to make me stop supporting BTS or any other Idol because of that. Who ever ends up with Jimin or any other Idols I like, I'll be happy for them. I'll congratulate them as long as that person is nice to Jimin, and makes him happy, and don't stress him out, because I know what that feels like to be stress because of the person you are with. Last thing! I hate when Idols have to apologize for dating, & slipt up just because of the ignorant Kpop fans. It's really fking sad that people act like that & cause Idols so much stress.
Thank you! πŸ™πŸ’™πŸ™ @ninjamidori
πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’› I feel you on all of this!!!!