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I will note that the episodes for this anime are still coming out if you'd rather watch something once it's been finished. Anyways, I started Grimgar a little hesitant but it is made by the same studio responsible for Fairy Tail and SAO. This anime has only 5 episodes so far but I felt the need to share with you all.
The main character in this story is Haruhiro, and right now he's nothing really special so I'm expecting some excellent character development for not only him but the rest of the characters as well.
There's not a lot of back story on the the characters yet because they have no recollection of their lives before they ended up in this world "Grimgar", they just know it must have been completely different. When they first arrived in this world they were told they had become volunteer soldiers but they earn no wage and they must kill monsters to earn money. Many form groups and send members to learn skills from guilds. To name a few they can become Priests, Mages, Dark Knights, Hunters or Warriors.
There group is weak and it's hard to have a lot of hope for them..... but they learn together even if it is at an extremely realistically slow way haha. They earn enough money to get by with enough food and eventually some extra clothes. Things seem to be going great for the group... but as we all know when an anime that is centered around fighting, things aren't going to be peachy for too long.
They experience their first real loss and now are at a stage where they must finally understand how this world works, and possibly what they must do to keep moving forward.
The artwork is pretty exceptional if you ask me. It's a little different from the norm and I'm appreciating it. It's definitely not super colorful but it's still beautiful to look at. Has anyone else been watching this?
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me either!
this sounds interesting :D I'll have to watch it c:
I love this anime. The manga is good too. 馃槃
@JeannieDunaj yay I haven't read the manga but that's good to know