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These types of guys who do look like him will blown your mind DX.
First up is the leader of KO ONE iiiissssssssssssssss a guy who plays wang da dong from a popular Chinese drama called KO ONE. His real name is Jiro Wang. 33 year old guy looks like a 22 year old.
Next we got beakon XD the mother of V of exo
And then we got the father, It is daehyun from B.A.P
These people are the taewang beakdae family whatever, this is v twin'solder brother wang. Tae the weird twin, and the parents are still making more. Will enjoy your life with these pics. Hope your mind was blown by the first one.
@Dabaesaplayer this is weird but i was thinking the same thing, i thought it was only in one video that he looks like V i wasn't sure to put it down or not XD
theres one from the group 24k that looks like taehyung to me and it took me like 20 mins to figure out he had leeteuk from suju smile too.