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Jiyong looks at himself at the mirror. He breaths in and out. He grabs the ring box and he opens it. He sees how beautiful the ring is shinning. Them he closed it and placed it on his pocket. *Hope you love it, Jen-ho* He then goes downstairs towards the living room. He waits for Jen-ho to come downstairs. 10 minutes past by, and he is getting anxious. Then Jen-ho starts coming downstairs. Jiyong was amazed of the beauty he see's. Jen-ho walks slowly down the stairs wearing a beautiful black with pearls on the side. Jen-ho looks at Jiyong amf smiles. Then they both arrived at a restaurant. As time past by, Jiyong starts to get nervous. He texts Jack. >Dude, I'm speechless >Man, you got this. >I'm nervous. >Bro, grow the fuck up. Jiyong smiles and close his phone. Then he looks at Jen-ho. He stands and walk towards her. Jen-ho looks at Jiyong puzzled. Then Jiyong goes down to his knees. Jen-ho gasped. "Jen-ho, My darling. Our years of High school was beautiful. but what made it perfect was the gift of love from our daughter. Your the one who I want most by my side. I want to protect you and give you my all. Cherish you, care for you and keep you forever. Do you want that forever, Jen-ho? Will you marry me?" Jen-ho started to tear up. She then stands and smiles. "Yes, yes Jiyong. I will want to marry you and keep you forever" Jiyong placed the ring on her finger and hugs her tight.
"Daddy!!!!" "Ya Jin-ho?" "I think mom its in labor." Jiyong runs upstairs to the bedroom. Jen-ho is in labor and she couldn't handle it. He quickly grabs Jen-ho, and takes her to the hospital. "Jin-ho, call the hospital that we are on the way and Jack." "On it!" Jiyong and Jen-ho arrived at the hispital. They start to get ready for birth. Jiyong gets excited buy worries for Jen-ho. Then the doctor and nurses came in. "Ok Mr and Mrs. Kwon. Let's bring the newest edition to the world " Jen-ho grand Jiyong's hand, and she starts to push and push and push. Then a cry of a small blessing led out in the room. Jiyong saw the most beautiful creation born. He kiss Jen-ho on the forehead. Then the nurse placed the baby on his arms. He looks how small and how adorable his son looks like. He never felt so blessed and so happy in his life. He is proud. Jin-ho comes inside the room with Jack. They both saw the baby and smiled at the gorgeousness . "Man he is better looming than you" "You punk, at least he won't look like his uncle Jack." "Wow?, now you got jokes." The boys laughs .
Jiyong and Jen-ho went home after three days of giving birth to their son. Everyone is asleep, Beside Jiyong and Jen-ho. They both put the baby to sleep. Then they grabbed a bottle of wine and two cups. Jiyong steps outside the backyard, and there he sees the telescope he left outside for Jin-ho. They sit down on the ground and each of them took turns to look at the stars. Then Jiyong looks at Jen-ho. He is happy and he feels complete. He never thought to officially marry his best friend and have two beautiful family. "Can I see daddy?" "Ya sure, come here sweety" Jin-ho sits beside Jiyong. She starts to look at the telescope. She was smiling bright and big. Jiyong pats on Jin-ho. A little girl who gave him strength and courage to be a better man before. She was the one who soften his heart and warmed it with love,which he missed the most. A family which he promise to keep forever cherish and protect. A new love which will be loved deeply and strong. Family is One.
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Don't cry, don't cry, don't...........bwawwww😭😭😭😭😭!!!!!!! This was so beautiful!!!!! Loved the ending!!!!!
Excuse me, while I go wipe my tears....okay I'm back!! This was great as always, awesome job!!
👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 great ending
@BBxGD I'm going back and reading your other stories. Girl you got some story telling genes!! lol Exciting and keeps me coming back for more!
@MaritessSison thank you... I'm glad you enjoy the story... stick around for more 😍😍😍😍
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