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Well, they might not melt you heart, but they'll definitely make you laugh.
Thank you internet. Thank you.
Because your Valentine has to be essential to your life, much like guyliner was to Pete Wentz's in 2007. #FOBForever
For all the Blink 182 fans...this Valentine could be the sweetest on this list.
Alex Gaskarth from All Time Low is pretty romantic in general don't you think?
Twenty-One Pilots has a couple of love songs in their set right?
Let the crying ensue: DON'T LEAVE US GERARD, DON'T! #MCR4EVER even more than FOB.
Can we take you up on that Patrick?
Oh Brendon Urie, you never cease to amuse.
Song puns a plenty!
And finally, the last Valentine for those of us who are looking for someone who shares our unique taste in music. Seriously, if we like the same bands...we're getting married. Sorry bout it.
I'm giving these to all my vingle buddies!!! @buddyesd @danidee @MelissaMae @InPlainSight @nicolejb @EasternShell @JayZK @jordanhamilton @Titplum and sooooo many more I can't even remember. I hope you all have a great Valentine's day!!!!
Hahahaha the first one is perfect, I feel like I could just replace that with my celebrity crush and it works for everyone!
thanx for membering me @TessStevens these were great 馃槉馃槉馃槉
Love these! The one of josh dun kills!!
Thanks for the love and laughs. Enjoy and indulge on V-Day!
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