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Made it to Dallas 馃槅
So we are here waiting in line outside I'm sooo excited. Anyone else from vingle at the EXO concert? @kpopmom @ElleHolley
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I could of gone but I'm taking care of my little sister...馃槸 I hope you had fun!!
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@JiyongLeo and @staceyholley just wanted both of you to know that @kpopmom has better video and pictures of the concert so she will make a card and I'll tell her to tag yall
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@lilbr0wneyes Thank you!! :) I'm excited to see:)
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@lilbr0wneyes im so excited :D
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@jiyongleo and @staceyholley and @lilbr0wneyes ..... It's all posted and Ready 馃槉
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