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CANG XIN Text by Galerie Paris-Beijing   Cang Xin became interested in art (as well as rock and roll) while he was at music school, but he received no academic training. For him art is more than technique: it is a way of life that sits comfortably with his self-conception as a modern-day shaman, heir to the nature-magic tradition of his native Mongolia. Born in Suihua, Heilongjiang, in 1967, Cang Xin lives and works in Beijing. His works have been featured in many major international exhibitions about Chinese contemporary art since 1995. Collected by Charles Saatchi in London, White Rabbit Gallery in Melbourne and the Estella Collection in New York, his photographs have become iconic.
@alise @axders i know it is so funny isnt it ?? :D Recommend for you guys to do it later of your travel ;)
jejejeje good collection!!! nice
hahaha, I love this collection of this guy. I would do the same like him for my next travell.