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Waiting in this long ass looping line for the concert (which Kai won't be here for 😢). Told my friend to meet me at work at 4pm because of traffic & because he can't be on time for anything. He says he'll meet me at the stadium... Well he texted me that's he's stuck in traffic. (Hence why I wanted an early meet up) I have the tickets. I told him if I make it all the way inside before he gets here I'm leaving him outside. I know it's mean but I'm not missing a concert because he doesn't want to listen to me.
He made it with time to spare. Apparently this was his first concert, of any kind, ever. I forgot to warn him about the fan screaming
Kpop world: Every man for themselves. Those who are late are left behind. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
do what you gotta do!
well if you gotta do it then do it
aww man that sucks. the waiting will be worth it when you see them! have fun!!!!!