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So I found this here on Vingle (sorry I don't know who posted this), and I decided to do this.
Who would I want as my boyfriend? Kookie!!! He can sing, dance, he's very handsome, and just…wow. Plus he's incredibly weird and awkward. He's my UB, so it makes sense.
Who would I want as a best friend? Taehyung! I swear, he's like my brother because we are very similar. Very strange to the point people might think he might have mental issues, but he's just being him. A lot of the things he does, I do. Plus having him as a best friend would be so fun!
Who would I want as a big brother? Suga! I think we are tho in some ways. Sassy as I don't know what at times, and always tired when not doing something that's a passion. But he doesn't really look like me... Oh well. As a big brother, he would run off all the meanies with his swag.
Who would I want as a driver? Jin! Unless this means the guys that drives you around whenever, then I'm not too sure. He is very responsible and is like the only one who can actually drive. Night time drives would be so much fun.
Who would I want as a bodyguard? Rap Monster! I am certain he could beat up anyone who tries to hurt me. But who would?
Who would I want as a fashion stylist? Jimin! He has a pretty good taste in fashion. But then we'd just start to tell jokes and stuff.
Who would I want as a little brother? J-Hope! I don't know how I would act as an older sibling. I would teach him things and give him horrible life tips. Things like that. Maybe play games with him and help with work.
So! There's that. Do this yourself, post it here on Vingle. Tell me what you would answer.
Bonus: Whatever this…thing is. Well, we have J-Hope all handsome and cute and sunshiny. Jimin looks like he's having a nice time with his friends. And then… Taehyung...I don't know what to say. Except I can make the exact same face. (Weird, but I can.)
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bodyguard........either way I'd make him my boyfriend