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1. Video of the saddest BB song in your opinion. Can be from BB, a sub-unit, solo, or collaboration with an artist or group outside of BB. Explain why you think it is the saddest BB related song. Without going into a long winded spiel & aggravating my anxiety, I sum up & say that right now this song fits me well personally. I'm an in the moment person so whatever is happening right now in my life dictates what I listen to musically.
2. Daesung Fan Art Two of my favorites
3. Picture, video, or gif of your OTP/Who do you ship? Must include one member of BB, but the other member of the pairing does not have to be. Tell me why you love this ship the most. I'm not much of a shipper. I picked TOP & Daesung because they're adorable separately, so together it's still a win-win.
4. Picture or video of G-Dragon with his kitty Mari Really hope I got this right, after Gaho & Jolie I stopped paying attention pets. I'm an animal person & it killed me when I found out they were at his pension.
5. Video of either a BB member imitating another idol, or of another idol imitating a member of BB. I love this video!! Jimin is too cute.
6. Picture or gif of TOP wearing contacts
7. Picture, video, or gif of a member of BB wearing something on their head other than what would traditionally be considered a hat... unless it's a fez This is what I came up with, no lie I was really trying to find a pic of one of them in a fez
8. Picture, video, or gif of Taeyang cooking Does cooking & dancing count??
9. Picture or video of BB Dorm
10. Doctor Who references in BB You see a harmless statue, I see a weeping angel
11. Video or gif of Seungri saying more about his members than he should.
12. Pictures, video, or gifs of BB with Monsta X at 2015 MAMA Awards
WOOT!!!! Finished!! Victory dance with Hobi!! This one took me a while.

BIGBANG Community Moderation Team:

When they had the angel on stage during their LA show, I was staring at that thing the whole time like "I'm saving your lives! I'm saving all of your lives right now!"
GD with that mushroom hair just so cute
@KhrystinaLee They're littered throughout the series so it doesn't surprise me. I'd be more surprised if people didn't know about them.
@EliseB I think I saw that episode during a time when my dad forced me to watch it. lol
good job with the doctor who reference!
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