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Hello Vingle crew. October is here to remind you all that February 27th is Pokemon Day and this year is the 20th anniversary! October is a big pokemon fan and he is going to celebrate the whole month and he will include you on the fun! As part of all the collections I have just started (~not even three days and already messing with the status quo~) I will be doing Pokemon related content for their posts. Additionally I will also do some top 10 lists relating to Pokemon everyday starting tomorrow for the rest of the month. These include my favorite pokemon of each type, favorite pokeballs, and even favorite moments from the anime! Fell free to comment on all the posts and celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Pokemon with me!
Veteran trainers shannonl5. We are not old, we are veteran.
This sounds fun! And wow, 20 years huh!
@OctoberHymns mmm yes I like the sound of that
Wow 20 years. I feel old XD