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Is it just me...

or does Eli Manning look pissed that his brother is about to win his second Super Bowl?

Eli told reporters that he was simply trying to figure out what his brother would do next by saying, "I was just focused on whether they'd go for two and the defense had to step up and make some stops."

Oh sure you were Eli.

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@TessStevens Hahaha yeah so many memes......and he didn't even play in the game!
That's easy E!! He's just like that!! He is my qb and I bELIeve in him!! Everyone just leave him alone!
@Bobs Hahaha yeah. I think it was his facial expression that made everything just so much better.
There is so much going on in that gif. The little boy wearing the pink checker shirt gave that meme life.
@cindaystran Hahaha that looks like Peyton's son. Eli should have at least looked as happy as his nephew!