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...I have a headache... :(
But I still wna get this card out!! So, day 28: Dorky/Funny pic of each member (in no particular order)
Minhyuk (I see you!)
I.M. (ah, yes, I see. It alllll makes sense now)
Jooheon (this one always makes me laugh. Will someone please feed this boy? he's trying to each his gloves...)
Hyungwon (what is this? It's so tiny! how does this thing work? oh, you speak into this end?)
sorry...but I can imagine that going through his head due to that expression
Kihyun (wait, what? huh?)
Wonho (I have no idea what I'm doing, or why this thing is on my head...or what it even is)
group pic bonus! I'm not quite sure what is going on here...or why Minhyuk has a veil on...
tagging the usuals! If you want to be added, or removed, let me know!
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that picture is Wonho not Shownu 😊
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@SerenityThao oops! thx. must've saved the pic in the wrong folder!!
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