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29 Days of Marvel Day 10
Alright so it's day 10. And of course most of us have the same answer for this one.
Yes Black Widow and Hawkeye deserve their movie. Although I believe they deserve to be in the same movie (I could be right or wrong on this) just because I think it would flow better once they finally meet and we can get our answer to "what happened in Budapest?" In the Avengers movie, their friendship and professional relationship are already established which makes us all want to know more about them! Now if I may add another...and step off Marvel for now...
Now I know I may be cheating on this one and it shouldn't be a group but... goddamn it! I just wanna see these guys on the big screen! Teen Titans was an amazing TV show! Rotten Tomatoes seem to agree as well since they gave them 100% which is very deserving. There may be some filler episodes, but the fillers still serve a purpose and deliver strong messages. I also really like the TT comics so I think a movie balancing both the comics and show would be awesome! Agree or disagree?
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@IvanDiaz kinda hard to tell after our last encounter
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@redapple615 Sorry about that I was frustrated with the tags , But Im over It
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Apology accepted. Thank you and welcome to the Marvel community. I'm an anime fan as well and at some point I'll make a card about that as well.
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Yes to both!
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I would LOVE a hawkeye and black widow movie. I feel like it would be good to have an intro movie for both of them separately so we can understand their powers and strengths and then have a Budapest movie that the two of then together and why they we're chosen to work together. and then perhaps a way to tie black widow to iron man in one of those movies.
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