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Ah, the dream of train travel: The rhythm of the rails, experiencing the thrill of arriving in a new place over and over and not having to worry about getting yourself there. Traveling from cultural capital to petite village, alongside rivers, across bridges and listing around alps, train travel has a way of sticking with you, long after the vacation is over. Central train stations and perpetually sky high gas prices have long made train travel among the best ways to see Europe. Yet for many the idea of planning a multi-stop rail trip in Europe can be both confusing and daunting. Not only do you need to decide where you want to go, but you need pick a rail pass or buy individual tickets Here are some of our favorite itinerary suggestions that can utilize various kinds of Eurail Passes that are available to traveling Americans. Going pretty much anywhere in Europe you may have dreamed about is possible (yes, even without France’s much publicized departure from Eurail’s Select Pass.) When making your plans, particularly if wanting to fly in and out of the same city, it is likely you will want to take advantage of Europe’s vast high speed train network. Note that many of the high speed trains are available on the Eurail Pass, but most require an advance reservation which comes at an extra cost and with limited seating. In other words, reserve these before your trip! The Fairytale In Frankfurt, visit Goethe’s house before heading south to the ‘Romantic Road’. Even though it requires a couple of train changes, consider spending some time in one of the area’s most beautiful villages, Rothenburg der Tauber, before heading towards Munich. Upon arrival in Munich head straight over to Englischer Garten to work out your forearms with liter-tall beers. Take a trip to Füssen to see famed Neuschwanstein Castle before hopping on to Austria, where the mountains only get taller. Stop in Salzburg and hike up to the medieval Hohensalzburg fortress and enjoy one of the city’s many free music events that are held throughout the year. Take a train east to Lucerne, Switzerland via a train line dating from 1884. From Lucerne, hop aboard the Golden Pass, which climbs past mountain chalets on its way into Interlaken. Switch to a Orient Express-style carriage for Montreux. Stop in Bern before heading to Frankfurt, via the medieval and magical Rhine River valley for Mainz and Klobenz.
Yah I really like it. We travel in Xmas time, so it was cold a litle bit. But the view is so manificiant, especially in Salzburg, it was so beautiful, full of snow !! And the sausage in German and Austria, It just amazing delicous !!!
Rerally?? How did you feel? Do you like it ?? The train from Munich to Salzburg and then to Vienna was so beautiful, isn't it ?
OOOh ! I did the same route like this a year ago, start from Frankfurt head down to Munich, and thento Salzburg,Austria for a nigh. However I ddi not head to Switzerland, but head to Vienna instead. It was such a nice memory that I would not to forget :) Thanks for sharing this interesting route.I always love to do it again.