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More technically, this is a jumpsuit and not pants, but I think you get the point--the model in this Nutrit Hen couture bridal look isn't wearing a dress. Each leg is encased in masterfully hand-embroidered beads, sequins and lace!
I am super thrilled that brides, nowadays, have so many options when it comes to the Big Day! Think back to just two decades ago and even then, as forward-thinking as designers (and brides) have become, we're blessed to live in a time where you can do and where just about anything! Traditions may always be there, but the strict adherence to such traditions has long passed.
What are your thoughts about wearing pants as a bride?
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YES! Definitely in the works. someday.
Wow the game has changed ✨ really unique I love it 😍
@marshalledgar that's true and making the outfit look like a wedding outfit
women have so many more options now--it's awesome
@marshalledgar that's true. They sure do!