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Sometimes a little relaxation is all you really need.

The next best thing to resting your body is resting your eyes and what better way to relax your eyes than with an eye mask. No worries, you won't be spending tons of money purchasing an eye mask. You know why? Because you'll be creating your own aromatherapy infused eye mask in the comfort of your home.
There's literally a DIY project for pretty much everything, believe it or not. Save yourself a little more and spend some time taking in the aromatic scents while relaxing those pupils of yours with an easy eye mask filled with nothing more than rice. Yeah, rice. Crazy, right? More like amazing. If you're down for a fun, exciting 'spa like' DIY project, keep scrolling and get ready to pamper yourself.

Would you give this eye mask a try?

wow.. so many rice for eye mask therapy? actually I use raw ground rice for body scrub.. never use it or any diy treatment for eye before.. I just use ready made eye patch
Lol I totally get the laziness part being as though I can be rather lazy myself, but I'm a sucker for a good DIY. I wouldn't mind someone making one for me either. I have to check out doTerra products and hop on the bandwagon :) Yes! @EasternShell get your mani/pedi so @marshalledgar will make one of these amazing eye masks.
I'm on the fence. I might try it. Not opposed to it. But I'm also kinda lazy. I diffuse my doTerra essential oils already and put them on topically. But if this was made for me, then I'd use it. hahaha It's a great idea. In fact, I will say this...I will try this when @Easternshell proves that she went and got her mani-pedi hehehehehe
I teach my dancers a very similar technique for muscle aches, but they have herbs like lavender and chamomile in them. Sometimes on away trips I'll pack the herbs and make them with the kids so they can nuke them and use them if they need to while at competition. They're nifty little infusion packs.