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The Super Bowl is indeed about the two best teams in the NFL facing off for the final time in a season to determine the champion. But there's an element that we cannot simply forget when it comes to the Super Bowl:


I mean this year's Super Bowl was the third most watched TV program in the history of television. This also meant that a 30-second advertisement during the Super Bowl cost about $4.5 million. It's freakin expensive! If you're going to air your ad, you better make it phenomenal. Good isn't enough.
Well, after going through all the Super Bowl ads, I've picked out my favorite and least favorite ad this year!

Best: Hyundai's "First Date"

I think Hyundai did a really nice job here making the ad seem less like an ad while highlighting their newest technology. Also, I'm just a huge fan of Kevin Hart.

Worst: LG's "Man From the Future"

I thought this one was the worst. I mean Liam Neeson is cool and all...but I didn't get the point of the ad. I guess LG was trying to highlight future technology, but I think the ad itself did a poor job.
These were my "Best" and "Worst" ads of the Super Bowl!

What were some of your favorites and least favorite ads of the Super Bowl?

@mchlyang it was
@mchlyang My favorite was probably the Arnold Schwarzenegger Mobile Strike one
@Starbell808 Ahhh that sucks :( Hope it was all right though
@mchlyang Liam Neeson trained Batman and fought wolves in the snow. He automatically makes any ad the best ad.
@mchlyang the ultrasound killed me lol
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