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Summary: The best for your reputation isnt always whats best for your heart Members: Kai x Reader Type: Angst/ Sad Length: 979 Words

Read from your pov
Kai listened as his manager droned on about the new publicity stunt. Im not saying you have to fall in love with her. You just have to just make it seem like you are. He said in a matter-of-fact tone. Kai rolled his eyes. He couldnt do this to you. He knew you were already struggling with the fact that you had to remain a secret, but he didnt want to do this to you. He stared down at the article in front of him. Does Kai Have a New Girlfriend? The title of the article sent disgust through him. He knew it was a bad idea to bail on you, but he had to meet with this new idol. Trust me, Jongin, this will be great for you. With the two of you coming out with your duet, it will increase the interest from the fans. His manager continued. Kai nodded his head and left the meeting. His car ride home was stressful. He didnt want to see you, but he knew it would be worse to just avoid you. He walked into the apartment. He was absolutely exhausted and the only thing he wanted to do was sit down and talk to you before you saw the article. As he rounded the corner to the living room, he saw you on the floor with tears falling down your cheeks. He hurried over to you, worried you were hurt, when his eyes fell on the laptop. He let out a sigh when he saw the title of the article in big, bold letters. I can explain that article. He said in an exasperated voice. He watched as you dragged yourself up and looked at him. The pain in your eyes made his heart sink. So you are dating her now? You asked as you pointed to the article. He couldnt stand to see the look of pain in your eyes any longer. Of course Im not dating her! She is just a friend. He said in annoyance. He automatically felt regret at throwing his annoyance at you. He wasnt annoyed with you. You had every right to be upset, but he couldnt hold back his annoyance from the situation as a whole. He tossed his bag towards the couch and started walking away towards the kitchen. Of course Im not dating her! She is just a friend. He stuck his head in the refrigerator and started pulling out the food from your date last night. The thought of your dates being the two of you hidden away in your apartment made him feel even worse. You deserved so much better than that. Kai, this isnt cool. How would you feel if the roles were switched and you had to see articles of me with other boys? He heard you ask from the living room. You made your way to the kitchen and stared at him from across the table. He stuffed a piece of meat into his mouth, trying to keep from apologizing. This needed to be done. His eyes turned cold as he spoke. I would be mature and understand that sometimes the tabloids just like to cause drama. He placed a bit of emphasis on the word mature; knowing it would upset you.Fuck you, Kai! You yelled at him. He was taken aback at the amount of volume you placed in your voice and automatically felt bad. You slammed your hand on the table. He saw the pain shoot up your hand, but he also saw the way your jaw tightened in order to not show the pain. (Y/N), dont be like that. You knew coming into this relationship that it would be hard. Dont start blaming me. He defended himself as he turned away from you. He placed the empty container in the sink and held onto the edge of the counter. It felt as though this was his last life line. The world felt like it was crumbling around him and the last thing holding him to reality was his grip on your kitchen counter. He hands were shaking, but he prayed you couldnt see that. He heard the sound of your feet paddling against the hardwood floor as you moved closer to him. Please dont come any closer. He begged silently as he felt your presence so near to his. You cant do this to me, Kai. I have been nothing but fair and loving to you, but you constantly blow me off. We were supposed to have a movie marathon tonight, but you were out with that girl instead. The acid in her voice mixed with the pain caused his chest to tighten. The words were like knives stabbing into him. He tensed as he felt your hand press against his back. He quickly shrugged your hand off. He couldnt do this. He didnt want to keep hurting you, but he knew that he had to. It was the only way to keep from hurting you worse in the long run. Maybe its because I like handing out with her better. She doesnt get as mad as you always do. He tried his hardest to make his voice sound harsh. He heard you take in a sharp breath and waited for you to say something. But you didnt. Instead, you heard the sound of something being placed on the table behind him and you walking away. He turned only once he heard the sound of your bedroom door slamming shut. The sound rang through the apartment the last clap of thunder signaling the end of a storm. He looked down at the diamond necklace that laid on the table and his fingers delicately picked it up. He quickly wiped away the tears that rolled down his cheeks. This is for the best. If it was meant to be, it would be...
Alright guys here is part 1 of Kais POV

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