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I know this is just another random Valentine post BUT trust me you gotta read this.
I know some of you might be celebrating Chinese New Year SO some of you including me might eventually gained weight so we gotta pick some dress or clothes that can cover the belly >.<
1st you can go with some dress which is either A line or H line as it will make your legs and tights look skinnier.
Dont choose dress which is too tight as it will show your body shape and disclose all your flaws such as your belly fat.
If you are not confident in showing your shoulders, you can always pair it with a blazer or cardigan.
Dont over accessorised !!! Perhaps you can just wear an elegant watch such as Olivia Burton's.
Never go for a huge handbag, because you might actually look heavier (visually). Go with something more fun or statement items like this clutch. P.S you can even use this clutch to hide your belly (kekekeke).
For Heels, go with something nude instead of black. I knw black is a skinny colour haha but do you knw that nude can extend your leg figure (visually)?! Don't believe ? Try it !
That watch is so beautiful! I already have a rose gold watch from Anne Klein but this one looks really clean and slick! Good find!
@cindystran Geee thanks ! it is very sweet of you =)
@nicolejb haha i got myself tutus skirt last year and finally i have wore it last week during CNY dinner ^^ you can actually pair it with quite a few outfits though.
Amazing! I love ballet skirts like in the first image, but I do not have the confidence to pull it off XD
@marshalledgar Thanks ^^ nude heels are just perfect for any outfit huh
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