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♤ Video of the saddest BIGBANG song (in your opinion).
♤ Daesung fan art it was super difficult for me to pick just ONE! there's so much cute Daesung fan art! This was one of my favs. I've never seen any other fan art like it.
♤ Picture, video or gif of your OTP/Who do you ship? I'm actually very surprised this dynamic duo never dated and just became two peas in a pod writing fantastic music together.
♤ Picture or video of G-Dragon with his kitty Mari.
♤ Video of either a Big Bang member imitating another idol, or of another idol imitating a member of Big Bang.
♤ Picture or gif of TOP wearing contacts.
♤ Picture, video or gif of a member of BIGBANG wearing something on their head other than what would traditionally be considered a hat...
♤ Picture, video or gif of Taeyang cooking.
♤ Picture or video of the BIGBANG dorm
♤ Doctor Who references in BIGBANG videos. Big Bang’s “Bang Bang Bang” Long before Buzzfeed’s Try Guys noticed a connection between the British television series “Doctor Who” and one of this year’s most watched K-pop music videos on YouTube, I noticed a seemingly impossible reference to the iconic sixth season premiere, “The Impossible Astronaut.” In the music video, wearing a cowboy hat and a leather jacket, Big Bang’s rapper T.O.P appears to be no other than the stand in for the show’s leading man, The Doctor. Think the cowboy and astronaut are just coincidences and accidentally appear to be referencing “Doctor Who?” Think again, because here are definitely alien-like specimens in jars on the sill and that white room looks a bit like the room from the episode “The Girl Who Waited.” reference: Kultscene
♤ Seungri saying more about his members then he should.
♤ pictures, videos and gifs of our Kings with the boys of Monsta X from that very night.
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The 1st thing I thought of was the damn astronaut!! 😄
@lovetop Lol, oh yes! loving the youngbae cook dance! ♡♡
Taeyang cook with dance mode...😘😘😘😘
I finally am caught up with these!