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I Killed The Girl I Use To Be
I wouldn't say confident no, but I had a certain gait.
One that slid so perfectly down my untouched thighs.
I was myself all the time.
Independently dependent
on the ones who kept me ugly laughing;
the most beautiful of laughs for those who care little
of silly beauty.
And then you kissed me and
my world shattered.
my confidence snatched away,
tossed to the ground next to my jeans.
I must have forgotten to pick it back up.
For in the months that followed
I forgot how to be me,
while trying to be the girl I knew
I should be for you.
And now your gone,
lost forever and I don't miss you.
But the girl you unbuttoned from me
isn't here anymore.
You may have stole her,
but I let you kill me.
@seouls @nicolejb @jordanhamilton @AkashBhojraj @VeronicaArtino @Adrienpie thought my fellow poetry lovers would like a look.
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Ahhhhhh!!! The title immediately drew me in & the words and metaphors were spot on. I felt every single word. I love this so much Liz! Thanks for tagging me :)
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Such depth and feeling. Clear cut point followed by understanding from both the speak and the listener. Well done!
2 years ago·Reply
Beautiful :) I also know the feeling of independent but also dependent
2 years ago·Reply
@lizarnone well done
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