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Today's WW theme is my ideal harem, but since I'm a girl, I'd rather a reverse haren :3 (but i don't mind girls either huehue) Abywho, here's the guys that would make my life the perfect reverse harem
Haruka Nanase - Free! Iwatobi Swim Club Just the silent kuudere type is so cute! Especially when you put mackerel and a pool in front of him, he will love you forever! He already loves 72% of you :3 (plus we're both dolohins hehe)
Rin Okumura - Blue Exorcist Well, he's already my hubby so of course my RinRin has to be in my reverse harem :) and he would be the one I end up with in the end :3 he could protect me with his demon power too! (which i find f*ing hawt bcuz hELLO)
Tobio Kageyama - Haikyuu!! The whole stubborn slightly-passive-aggresive thing is kinda scary but adorable at the same time :3 I think I'd bring out a cute, shy side of Tobio-kun and that's fun :) he's the youngest in my list so he'd be the innocent one that just tries to stalk in the shadows XD
Levi Ackerman - Attack On Titan The angry, dismissive, brute who actually secretly cares but won't show it...that's pretty much it XD
Yato - Noragami Yes, I know Yato's maybe a million years old XD but idc! He's hawt and I'd flirt majorly with him, as well as the others XD he's goofy like me and he can have a cleaning spree with Levi :3
So that's my ideal reverse harem :) kinda weird, a lot of different genres into one but idc it sounds pretty fun to me XD