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This picture is irrelevant (but beautiful) as is the title. This picture pops up when you google Mya meme. But moving on.
I have been home for the past 2 days and have convinced myself that I am dying (I might just be growing, or maybe my back is giving up on life). I'm not sick, it's my back. My back hurts like hell. Every small movement hurts. I sneezed a few minutes ago... I thought sneezing while on your period was the worst thing ever... I was wrong.
Aaaannddd I may or may not have watched Tazza 3 times today... I STARTED A KDRAMA BUT THEN MY WIFI GAVE UP ON ME 馃槶 I JUST MET PERRY PARK! I MUST MEET THE OTHERS!!
I also got asked out. I'm a child and am too awkward. So I let him down the easy way. I told him that I am dating Mark. He believed me. Problem solved.
Here's these pictures. You need them in your life.
Here's these too.
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What wait to meet all of them get ready for the major feels and I hope you get better soon. sending out positive vibes to the universe for yoh
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jungkookie's "I don't need my mom's permission tonight" killed me oMFg I'm cRyinG
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If your back keeps hurting get it checked out. I pulled some muscles in mine in high school....hurt like hell. Muscle relaxers will help (like Alieve). Good luck!
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@JaxomB Yup. Dr said I pulled a muscle.
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@SassyMaknae I hope the doc gave you some good stuff to take. It does take quite a while for it to heal too. Sorry. Not what you wanted to hear but it will eventually get better.
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