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This picture is irrelevant (but beautiful) as is the title. This picture pops up when you google Mya meme. But moving on.
I have been home for the past 2 days and have convinced myself that I am dying (I might just be growing, or maybe my back is giving up on life). I'm not sick, it's my back. My back hurts like hell. Every small movement hurts. I sneezed a few minutes ago... I thought sneezing while on your period was the worst thing ever... I was wrong.
Aaaannddd I may or may not have watched Tazza 3 times today... I STARTED A KDRAMA BUT THEN MY WIFI GAVE UP ON ME 馃槶 I JUST MET PERRY PARK! I MUST MEET THE OTHERS!!
I also got asked out. I'm a child and am too awkward. So I let him down the easy way. I told him that I am dating Mark. He believed me. Problem solved.
Here's these pictures. You need them in your life.
Here's these too.
jungkookie's "I don't need my mom's permission tonight" killed me oMFg I'm cRyinG
What wait to meet all of them get ready for the major feels and I hope you get better soon. sending out positive vibes to the universe for yoh
Friend!! I'm so sorry about your back. Hahaha I love that you told them you are dating Mark. That's great.
YOU JUST MET PERRY PARK?!?! Wait until you meet Yona. Gurl~ I love that drama!! And I feel you about the back ache. I've been having mine for a year but my mom has not taken me to a chiropractor
@SassyMaknae I hope the doc gave you some good stuff to take. It does take quite a while for it to heal too. Sorry. Not what you wanted to hear but it will eventually get better.
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