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GANT Rugger is dedicating its Spring 2013 collection and campaign to a new muse, or rather, muses: a group of young American media wunderkinds traveling in Italy. The group, what GANT creative director Chris Bastin christened “#TEAMAMERICANO,” serves as the inspiration of the collection and will star in the related campaign, dropping on on January 16, 2013. “Some companies have used real guys—even bloggers—for their campaigns, but it’s not like we started with the idea of ‘let’s use bloggers in our ads,’” explains Bastin. “They served as the inspiration for the whole collection; using them for the campaign was just a natural second step.” GANT Rugger’s Spring 2013 collection takes us to Florence, Italy in June when the menswear cognoscenti are summed to Pitti Uomo. Don’t call it a mere tradeshow. Ostensibly a marketplace, Pitti is just as much a global congress of style attended by effortlessly debonair Italian guys, the imitators, salespeople, buyers, clothes geeks, revered fashion magazine editors and, of course, the bloggers. “Everyone tries to be chill about it, but Pitti is really menswear’s moment; it’s ultimate clubhouse,” Bastin explained. “Guys put their best foot forward. This season I wanted to create that feeling, but through an American lens.” Team Americano itself is a group of six American guys: Sean Hotchkiss, writer, photographer and adventurer; Zeph Colombatto, writer and social media professional; Gabe Alonso, photographer; Noah Emrich, editor and author; Lawrence Schlossman; and photographer Justin Chung. “These guys all have great and unique style,” added Bastin. “They wear clothes in their own way. I wanted to capture that spirit in the collection.” From: Gant Rugger.