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I want to start by saying that there is nothing more beautiful than a self confident woman. In our society us the men's have made it real difficult for females to have self confidence. Because we ask for so much of them. We make them feel like if their body is not perfect they are ugly. And because this actions we have a lot of young ladies who are not happy with who they are. And we can see it on a daily basis they out here walking around looking like clowns with all this extra makeup. And the fake hair. Lord knows that makes me sick to my stomach because they are so beautiful but by doing all this extra stuff they end up walking around looking like my 3 year old daughter when she plays with makeup . Please don't take my personal opinion on a bad way just keep reading. I'm a old fashioned guy. I like natural beauty I hate makeup because it hides the natural beauty , I don't mind that you have a small booty or that u may have no boobs. 9 out of 10 if you attracted my attention is because you look confident in your own skin. In your own words describe what's natural beauty to you. Thanks for reading my card
Confidence is SO attractive, for men also! props to this card!
There is much even worse than putting on too much make up..its d plastic in korea n it is d world's 2nd next to Brazil for having surgery.Young n adults here get that stuff making them looked like being cloned.
@BlackDragon88 thanks . I have auto spell on my phone so sometimes it changes the words without me noticing
I agree, society is messed up today. BUT... you misspelled *own towards the end... plus a few other errors.... I do agree though!