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You wake up to the sound of birds chirping, Children giggling, A ray of sunshine beaming through the crushed velvet curtains that hang lightly on the window beside your bed. You sit there in dispair as you think about the events that were just recent. You think about Taehyung's actions, Why has he been acting weird recently? Is it because of me? Or Hoseok? Or was it one of the other members? But they hadn't done anything bad, Or have they? Why would he hurt the innocent Jungkook? Did they have bad blood? Or did V just became crazy? You gasp loudly as you realized that Jungkook might still be injured! You immediately get up and just throw on an EXO T-Shirt and some sweats. You run out of the door but you realize... "I'm not supposed to be near any of the members for a week...But I can't stay away." You speed walk about 7 blocks just to arrive to Big Hit Entertainment, To see Jimin outside practicing, You thought to yourself, 'Why would he be practicing outside?' You secretly walk over behind a wall and whisperly yell, "Jimin Oppa.." He turns to you and has a serious expression on his face as he walks towards you, "What are you doing here? You're not supposed to be here." He whispered. "I'm here for all of you, Especially Jungkook, How is his health?" You asked him with worry in your voice. "He's fine, Jin Hyung is looking after him But still, You could've texted me and I could've snuck you inside." You peak at the door to see the knob turning and creaking as the door opens slowly. You immediately hide as Jimin stands up straight, "Yah! Who are you talking too?" a voice asked. You recognized that voice from anywhere, It was Min Yoongi!!! You bury into the bush deeper because... Since you met BTS, You'd always thought that Yoongi never really liked you. You sit there with your hands covering your mouth as you breathe quietly to yourself. You can hear some mumbling, But no words come out, Until...You heard your name. "Hey, Is (Y/N) still together with Taehyung?" Yoongi asked. You see Jimin nodding his head with yes as his eyes look directly at the floor. Yoongi sighs loudly before saying, "Aissshhh, That kid, When will she learn that Taehyung is too possesive about the things he loves." "I don't know Hyung, She seems to be in love with him." Jimin looks at the bush you were hiding with the corner of his eye. You slightly nod a no as you look straight into his eyes. You hear a crashing noise coming from the studio, An awfully loud noise, Seemed like something Rap Mon would do considering that he is the God of Destruction. You see both Jimin's and Suga's heads turn in worry, They both gasped loudly as Suga opens the door furiously, You heard yelling and arguing happening, You had no idea what was going on. You peak out of the bush and call Jimin, "Hey, What's going on?" He turns to you with fear, "Hyung is destroying things..." "Rap Mon?" "No, Hoseok Hyung..." He said as he points at the window with his jaw wide opened. You take a little peak to see Hobi throwing papers and turning tables, chairs, even knocking over a pot. You gasp as you stood up and run into the studio. You felt a touch on your wrsit, pulling you back with force. "You can't go in there, What if he hurts you?" Jimin asked with curiousity. You turn to him as you bravely say, "He's my Oppa, My friend, I know he won't even put a finger on me without my consent." You pull your arm away from him as you run into the building to see Hobi pulling on clothes and pulling them out of the closet. You stretched your arm across his chest as you look at his face which was full of anger. You didn't know why. He frozed as his eyes turn to you. His shoulders relaxed as his arms wrapped around your neck as he embraces for a hug. You hear him breathing heavily as you ask him, "Why are you so mad? Who did this too you?" He sighs in distress as he answers, "You wouldn't understand..." You pull him back as you grabbed his face, being the dominant one, You bring his face closer to yours, feeling air flowing into your direction. "Tell me now or else." You threatened him. "Or else what?" He asks you with a brave heart. " See and find out." You played hard to get. He looks at your lips then your eyes, Then back to your lips. He kept licking his lips as he blushed in shyness. "Oppa, If you don't tell me. Then I slap you as hard as I can. I'l slap you hard like the way Taehyung gets hard off of me.." He looks into your eyes as he inhales angrily, "Fine.... Look, I know your still with Taehyung but he's still in love with you and... I'm worried about you and Taehyung." You remove your hands off of his face as you glance towards Jimin. He nods with a yes as his arms are crossed across his torso. He walks slowly towards you, His arm wrapped around your shoulders, By looking at J-Hope's expression, He looked really jealous. Jimin pulled him into a group hug. As you all hugged, squished together and skin touching. Hobi's hand slide's from your shoulder down to the mid part of your back. You smile as you look at him, To see him smiling at you. You heard some footsteps walking towards you, J-Hope and Jimin. The boys immediately hide you behind their backs as a voice says, "Hey! What are you dongsaengs doing?" You lay the palms of your hands on each of their backs. The voice asks again, "What are you both doing? What are you guys' hiding?" You heard Jimin gulped loudly as Hobi says, "Nothing, Jin Hyung.." You hear Jin walking towards you as he pushes them away, To see you looking at him helplessly. "(Y/N), What are you doing here?" He asks you as he grabs your hand and stands you up stiffly. "Ummm, I'm here for Jungkook...Where is he?" You asked embarrassingly. Jin points down at the door that was down the hallway behind you. You jog towards the door and open the door slowly, Making the door creak loudly. You peak into the room to see Jungkook sleeping as he cuddles up with the pillow. You walk into the room and move a strand of hair out of the way of his face, You thought to yourself, ' Awww he's so cute when he sleeps, Is he drooling? What if he wakes up? J-Hope walks into the room and gives you back hug by wrapping his arms around waist while his chin rests on your right shoulder. You rest your head lightly on his head as he smiles. He removes his head off of you and kisses the mid part of your cheek as you blush really hard. He whispers, "You know...I have to tell you something.." You turned your head to him as you run your fingers through his hair, "What's that, Oppa?" "The first time I ever laid my eyes on you, I liked you, then I loved you but now I'm in love with you, (Y/N), I'm deeply in love with you..."
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