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Ok I need some help figuring out a name for levy and gajeel Daughter for my fairy tail fanfic I am doing on wattpad do you have any name suggestions for me Ps. this picture I got online to use.
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ok I will be making my choice this monday
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OK thank to everyone who help me come up with names for this character but I am going with the name Isabel from @LorettaHon. so thank to all who anticipated in this for those who name wasn't chosen don't worry there going to be many other characters that I will need names for post on here for you guy so until the next posting see you then.
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@SarahMcCartney Glad I could help :)
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@LorettaHon. hey if you have wattpad you should look me up like I said before my user name is scarlettrose95
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@SarahMcCartney Will do! :)
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