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these are some of the characters that I think deserve a solo movie...
Namor is one of the oldest and strongest marvel creations out there! I still can't quite understand why universal won't use him in a movie by himself, or team him up with the hulk in a frenemy two in one, or do like they did the hulk and lease his rights to marvel? if anything have him show up in agent carter?!
with respect to the teen titans, this is the teenage group that I grew up with! The New Warriors deserve a chance to shine, especially since civil war in the comics, leads directly back to them! this book had it all to me. it dealt with huge social issues like deforestation of the rainforest, gang violence, family issues, nuclear pollution, sexuality, racism, disabilities and ptsd! each character was written in such a great way that you could relate to them all on a human level.
getting off marvel. Savage Dragon was a great title. you don't really see that many good cop movies out there right now, but I think this could be a huge hit.
invincible. because who needs spiderman when you have this guy? I think DC might own the movie rights.
Static...nuff said. get on the ball DC!
@TonyjJohnson771 for sure. It's not like it was a deal with the devil- they've made it so they can tell a bunch of different stories. Netflix gets the more mature stuff, the movies get the huge productions, and ABC gets to experiment a bit. I wish there were fewer restrictions for sure, but we'd have those no matter what and at least budget isn't one of them
it makes complete sense. I have to be somewhat grateful to Disney because even with all the shady business their still making movies that I just used to dream about seeing.
has long as fox owns the rights to the fantastic four the movies will always be crap because fox doesn't want to used the complete history of any of their marvel franchise characters. I was expecting more from universal through, because I actually liked the last hulk movie that they came out with. up front and on the low, they opened the door to be able to use different characters in the next hulk movie and I bet that somewhere there's a script at universal marked H2 that I would love to read! unfortunately until all these big budget companies put their differences aside true die hard fans will only get good movies from 1.
@TonyjJohnson771 absolutely! Part of me is glad that he didn't get the Fantastic Four treatment (I don't know how long it's going to take for that team's reputation outside of comics to recover from the most recent movie) but another part of me knows how much potential the character has and I'm sad they don't seem to be ready to try yet. I know the competition is fierce right now with DC and MCU really bringing their A-game but I wouldn't count the character out
no worries! it feels great to know that someone else besides me feels so strongly about namor. he's one of the best and most complex characters in all of comics. he's being done a huge injustice by not being involved in the MCU!
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