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Steal what works. Fix what's broken. Fake the rest. Your first words from an Unsagely Sage is a life motto I only recently started applying myself. During my time researching pagan beliefs I came across this edict for the Eclectic Pagan. In this practice, the pagan takes all the practices and teachings of the various schools he learns that he likes, fixes and modifies them to work together without contradiction, and fakes anything he doesn't yet know as he continues learning. I learned this motto while making a transition between faiths and religions but have since noticed how beautifully it works for all aspects of my life. As an artist I can take the techniques I've seen and was taught; utilizing what feels best to me, I fix my own poor habits while working, and fake the confidence and pride while showing my work to people who don't know me (~one of October's greatest difficulty actually ~). The same method can be applied to anything be it school, work, or just organizing a pantry. A side quote to go with this was a post that I'm sure many of you have seen through various social media "it turns out adulthood is just googling how stuff works". Everyone at some point just runs around putting out fires trying to make it look like they have everything under control. No matter where you go there are tips and tricks to learn. There are things that need to be adjusted, retooled, or removed to fit your circumstance. And everyone just gets really good at putting on the act of knowing what they're doing; mostly because they know they can steal a method or fix a procedure to make what they're doing work. They've done this enough times to be able to look calm under that pressure and no one will ever know. Anytime things get too difficult and your mind begins to race just remember the steps. Somehow, someway you will make it. And only you have to know the panic and stumbles you faced. Steal what works. Fix what's broken. Fake the rest.
I've heard this before and I thought you were talking about life application. I had no idea it was associated with paganism. All through college people would tell me to fake it and no one would notice. My conscience would scream that I know. You know what? I came to the realization that people hear and see what they want. Why do I torture myself trying to get the details 100%?
Aw this is so true. I always thought at some point I'd just "get it" and I'd be a grown-up. Nope! My dad and I have been talking about this a lot and he was like "if you ever figure it out let me know" haha. We're both gonna be incompetent adults forever XD
@OctoberHymns well said.
I discovered it as an edict for Eclectic Paganism but I have no idea of that is where it truly started since...well honestly they probably embraced the first step and just stole this. I use it in all facets of my life. Getting past your own mind screaming "but *I* know!!" is the hardest part in my opinion. I've gotten to the point where I can look at whatever I'm working on and decide if I can be satisfied with it. It may not be perfect and exactly how I envisioned it, but for the needs at the moment it works. When deadlines are no longer an issue I will then attempt to make it the perfect form I planned to. But you are correct in saying people will believe what the want. To convince ourselves otherwise just causes headaches. That is why you fake it for them, but fix if for yourself.